giraffeMy 50th birthday present exceeded my wildest expectations…I got a Giraffe!!!  No, Robert didn’t give me a real one – but an abstract one instead.  He is tall and handsome and borne out of the tree root that was stuck in the way of the sewer line in the artist’s backyard.  When I look at him, my heart fills with joy.  Although his real name is “The Irreversible Dilemma of Lost Opportunities”, to me he is the most handsome Giraffe there is.  And this is the beauty of abstract art; it is what you want it to be at the same time with what it is.

I am a big fan of the work of San Antonio sculptor DANVILLE CHADBOURNE.  I know exactly why I like his work.  He uses mostly organic materials like wood, ceramics and bones.  I like his pieces for their warmth, earthiness, natural curves, happiness and whimsy; I like them because it feels like they have always been here, they are not manmade, but organic peculiar creations of Mother Nature.  His work feels effortless, like the skillful performance of a concert pianist or ballet dancer – gracious and natural.

Danville’s work is included in numerous private and public collections.  He was featured in the November 2010 issue of Sculpture Magazine, and in the February 2010 and January 2006 issues of Ceramics Monthly.  I am extremely proud to have his work in my living room and will cherish my fabulous Giraffe for years to come.  I promised Danville I would not sell it to anyone but a museum… and the museum will have to wait for a while….

giraffe_anyaI have a very simple criteria of great art, “if I like it, it is great!”  I believe that any work of visual art has two lives.  One is at the time of its creation and it encompasses its relationship with the artist’s initial impulse and thought process.  The other is with people like me – the viewer, or the consumer, if you please.  With all DUE respect to the artists and their thought processes, I mostly care about how a particular work of art makes ME feel.  And I like to feel happy and amused by it.  My simple test is, if I want to hug the sculpture or lick the painting, then it is a great work of art – my kind of art!

This weekend I am extremely excited to attend the 5th Annual STUDIO TOUR and visit, among other artists, Danville’s studio again.  Here is the link for more information

I hope to see all of you there.


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