Troika- Rachmaninoff Op. 11 (12/5/15)

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KSAT Duo AleAnya Concert

Promotional video for San Antonio TV KSAT 12

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Johannes Brahms ~ Plait

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Birds of a Feather

Every January I attend the Chamber Music America Conference in New York. This year the conference was scheduled on the same weekend as Rob’s birthday. I did not feel like leaving Rob all alone and lonely on his special day and invited him to join me in New York. Rob did not feel like going […]

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Changing the World Through Generosity

December is a special time of the year when generosity blooms to its fullest. What makes us so special? Why do we give? Do we give because we care so much about others, or does it just feel good to give? I believe it is a mixture of both. Studies show that giving to others […]

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Immigrants contribute to U.S. — and San Antonio

I have been reading lately about the expected 10,000 Syrian refugees, whom President Barack Obama has agreed to resettle in the United States as millions of Syrian women, children and men have fled their war-torn country ever since the uprising began against President Bashar Assad’s government. I am also aware of stories in the media […]

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What’s wrong with you!

Vienna! There is so much to see! I decided to visit the Leopold Museum in my remaining time before our ship’s departure. The ticket’s roster listed all the usual categories, adult, senior, student and in addition to it one I had never seen before- unemployed! Funny! In US I believe the thing is, if you […]

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My first Viking European river cruise itinerary this summer included among other spectacular destinations a one-day stop in Vienna. I was salivating over the many cultural opportunities there and planned my activities long in advance. The day before the Vienna stop our handsome Norwegian program director apologetically announced that one of the locks on the […]

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A Double-Bill

The Santa Fe Opera holds a soft spots in our hearts and is the main reason for our annual travels to the Land of Enchantment, along with 58-degree nights, which doesn’t hurt. These two reasons combined to create a perfect experience under the stars with the horizon going as far as the eye can see. […]

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Treasure Hunting

A Third World country somewhere far away, tropics, hot and humid, beat-up old roads, intoxicating unfamiliar aroma of street food on every corner, a lot of weird people, dirty streets, everything screams DANGER! Yes, I am describing a very popular Discovery Channel TV show about hunting gemstones.  A couple of brave guys go, let’s say […]

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Every time I go to a very familiar tragic opera, I still hope the ending will somehow miraculously change and everyone will live happily ever. Unfortunately, despite my prayers, Tosca every time jumps from the bridge, Cavaradossi gets shot, Gilda and Carmen stabbed, and Aida and Radames buried alive.  Welcome to the fun world of […]

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New York! New York!

As soon as we arrived to New York we got screwed. A great looking and know-it-all guy offered his limousine so elegantly and quickly that I did not get a chance to think. During the short and pleasant drive filled with conversation about his family in Egypt my feeling of being screwed grew by the […]

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“Tis the season to be jolly!”

Traffic! Lots of people everywhere! Crying children! No, this is not a war I am describing, this is Christmas shopping! Yesterday I spent 45 min in the car between IH10 and the La Canterra shopping mall on a trip that normally takes me 5 min.  I’m wondering how can it be? Why? What comes over […]

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Bon Appetit!

My new kitchen took the best of me. During the renovation process I started 10 new blogs but my heart and creativity went into the kitchen sink-16GA, 10 inches deep. The decision making process was painful and invigorating at the same time. Deep in my heart I always dreamed of becoming an interior designer and […]

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Kentucky Fried Cuy

Our guide in Peru had a fabulous sense of humor. “Angel! What are we heaving for lunch today?” “Kentucky Fried Cuy,” was the answer that sent a wave of terror throughout our bus filled with mostly American and Australian tourists. “No! No! No! Anything, but cuy!” in deep disgust cried the bus. Cuy is guinea […]

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