Copenhagen Story or “The Northern Goddesses”

Have you ever seen Northern Goddesses up close and personal? Tall, blonde, beautiful, and if that wasn’t enough … very talented sopranos?

nord-5912 270x181cmAbout one month ago, through a mutual friend, I was approached by Jens Hansen owner of Copenhagen Furniture in San Antonio. “HELP” he said, “The Nordic Singers are on a tour in the United States and I want to present them in San Antonio.”

WOW! Singers from the Denmark Opera House are falling into my lap … so I decided to present them. Gabriella Franco of the Mexican Cultural Institute, as always, kindly opened the doors to their hospitable auditorium. Giovanni agreed to cater and Nancy Boggle to tune the piano. Everything was ready to go.

And what a wonderful performance it was!!!!!!!

A great variety of music was presented, from romantic Puccini arias all the way to Broadway’s showstoppers from Spamalot and Phantom of the Opera.

The musicians really had a good time, and did not hold back their theatricality. Every ensemble piece was tastefully played out, like it should be on the big opera stages of Europe.

Women, tall, blond, beautiful and very talented definitely were the divas of the stage. They changed spectacular long dresses from red in the first set to turquoise in the second. They showed tremendous versatility of musical styles and emotions, from modest and sincere Michaella in Carmen, to a half-playful catfight between two competitive Broadway stars, in “Meow.”

Five opera singers and one fantastic pianist put on an unforgettable performance of familiar arias, Danish songs, and as a final gift to us Americans, a Fantasia of themes from Porgy and Bess by Gershwin. “Summertime” was fantastic!

Audnord-5817 270x181cmience members, most of whom could not sing along in Danish, did join in choral responses to the American part of the program. Everyone was very happy! Concerts like this create such a positive artistic atmosphere that brings everyone together to share an enchanting evening.

I want to sincerely thank Jens for his sponsorship and inspiration to present these terrific musicians to San Antonio. I also am very grateful to Debora Fells, the owner of Yellow Rose Bed and Breakfast, for her generous donation of the rooms for these musicians. We can accomplish a lot when we work together.




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