Test in Logic

When my son was getting ready to attend Law School, he needed to take the LSAT and he shared his exercise book on logic with me.  It went something like this: “An advertising executive must schedule an advertisement during a particular TV show.  Seven different consecutive time slots are available for advertisements during a commercial break, and are numbered one through seven in the order that they will be aired.  Seven different advertisements – B, C, D, F, H, J, and K – must be aired during the show.  Only one advertisement can occupy each time slot.  The assignment of the advertisements to the slots is subject to the following restrictions: B and D must occupy consecutive time slots.  B must be aired during an earlier time slot than K.  D must be aired during a later time slot than H.  If H does not occupy the fourth time slot, then F must occupy the fourth time slot.  K and J cannot occupy consecutively numbered time slots, etc.”

I thought it was very difficult.  Now I am working on the scheduling of Musical Bridges’ 15th season and I think I can challenge any LSAT logic test.

Here is my version of the exercise:
McAllister is available on October 7, December 9, January 27, February 24 and any Sunday in May; The San Antonio Chamber Music Society has their concerts on October 14, November 11, January 27, February 24 and April 14; The San Antonio Symphony will hold a Brahms Festival in February 2013 and is adding two Sunday performances—Sunday, February 10 and February 17, both at 3 p.m.  I was hoping to bring Lilya Zilberstein, who is available to play in San Antonio on January 6th and February until the 10th or after the 20th and Igudesman and Joo, also guest artists, are available on January 18/19/20 and April 7.  Lilya is coming with her sons and will be performing with the Youth Orchestras of San Antonio, which are available at the beginning of January and after February 20th.

The question is: HOW IN THE HELL CAN I MAKE IT WORK?????


Navigating around major holidays, I was able to secure the October, December and May concerts.  McAllister was closed on Sunday, January 20th for some holidays and I had no choice but to schedule Igudesman and Joo on a FRIDAY – for the first time in 15 years – and I hope I will not regret it.  I thought I was doing very well until I stumbled upon a big problem…the only date that would work for the McAllister, Lilya, Youth Orchestras and Brahms Festival was February 24th.  And if you did not figure it out just yet, this is the date when the Chamber Music Society had their concert scheduled a long, LONG time ago.  I am a great fan of both these organizations and do not want to miss their concerts myself, so I create our season around the dates of the Symphony and Chamber Music Society.

In despair I wrote to Nancy Shivers, Board President of the Chamber Music Society and offered her my soul in exchange for forgiveness (yes, just like Faust in the exchange for Eternal Youth).  If they would not forgive me, I was prepared to cancel this concert and replace it with other artists on another date.  While I was waiting for Nancy’s response, Lilya was on a standby with another offer for the same date in Florence.  Those were some nerve-racking moments, let me tell you.  It is very hard to create another program when in my mind I am already extremely excited about this one.  And then, Nancy and the Board of Directors of the San Antonio Chamber Music Society astounded me!  They spent a week talking to the managers, musicians and venues and MOVED their concert to another month… from Feb 24th to March 17th.  THANK YOU CHAMBER MUSIC SOCIETY!!!!!!!  You will have my soul forever now!  With your help I was able to pass my test in logic with honors.