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Drought and Old Picture Albums

We were having a drought and the constant news about fires was quite disturbing. I have lived in San Antonio for over 20 years now and have never seen a drought of this magnitude. Guest portable bed in Kerop’s and Tanya’s apartment…studio/living room/bedroom/guest room The day before, my neighbor Connie had called, and said that […]

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Kids to Concerts

Kids to Concerts, MBAW’s vehicle for educational outreach, is an interactive concert series for children grades K-12, intent on integrating Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) compliant curriculum with the inimitable experience of live performing arts. Kids to Concerts reaches 7000 students annually, serving economically disadvantaged and at-risk students throughout San Antonio public schools. Kids […]

Silk Road Project

I saw the Silk Road Project for the first time a few years ago in Great Performances on KLRN… and it changed me forever!  Needless to say, I am a big fan.  This project greatly influenced my vision as Artistic Director of Musical Bridges.  The magnificent display of talent from the different cultures encompassed every […]

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Shostakovich and Many Tears

Have you ever cried like a baby, sitting in the second row at the symphony? Did you ever feel like a total idiot, hiding your tears from the normal people to your right and left? I did, I would not lie. I am not proud of it, but some music does it to me. Springtime […]

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The Magic of Jazz

To me, jazz is an unexplainable mystical phenomenon of humanity, that ultimate art of improvisation. Can you imagine going on stage (if you can imagine it at all!), without really knowing what is going to happen?  Yes, there is a program, something like a list of songs or tunes, as they call it in the […]

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Commedia dell’Arte and Mozart and Salieri

Genius and villainy. Are the two incompatible? Hard work and lifelong dedication versus careless talent, and mediocrity malevolently overpowers brilliance. What a plot! In reality, Salieri was probably a nice guy, who got lucky and got a cushy job working for the Duke … with a handsome salary… benefits… a nice retirement to look forward […]

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Great Loss

“Can I stop by now?” was a question on the phone in late June. “Sure, I am home.” Sharon Romer, Vice President of the MBAW Board, walked in with her recently adopted little shih tzu and a beautiful hand made pottery dish.  “This is your early birthday present,” she said.  My birthday is in November, […]

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My Indian Scale

It turns out that India has classical music! I was extremely ashamed that after studying music for almost all of my life, I did not know India has Classical music. The Western European tradition that gave the world Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Copland (and I can go on forever with that list), is not alone […]

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In Search of Golden Toes

I heard about Elena Kunikova many years before we met. Her work is admired in Monaco, Paris, London, Tokyo, and her native Saint Petersburg. The talented missionary of elegant traditions of Russian classical ballet, critics all over the world are raving about her work. Robert Gottlieb of The New York Observer called her “one of […]

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My hot summer so far…

An Alaskan cruise in early June was wonderful! Blankets, layers of clothes, and only 50 degrees. All of my weather complaints on Facebook were met with jealous responses from my San Antonio friends, where at the time, 90 degrees was a relief! It was a beautiful trip. Next, a trip to Dallas to meet Duo […]

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Glimpse Into the Next Season

Hello friends! Can you believe it is very nearly Spring already??? As Summer approaches, Musical Bridges Around the World’s 13th Season is nearing an end, and we are excitedly preparing for number 14! We are still finalizing all acts, but the overview for next season is as follows: 2011-2012, 14th Season October 2, 2011: Mozart […]

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Arabian Nights and a Babysitter

I stepped into the room and was immediately mesmerized by the seductive sway of Middle Eastern rhythms, exotic percussion instruments capable of imitating the sound of birds wings flying away, and warm earthy tones of goblet drums. It was then that I decided to produce Arabian Nights. This was at a presentation by duoJalal at […]

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Copenhagen Story or “The Northern Goddesses”

Have you ever seen Northern Goddesses up close and personal? Tall, blonde, beautiful, and if that wasn’t enough … very talented sopranos? About one month ago, through a mutual friend, I was approached by Jens Hansen owner of Copenhagen Furniture in San Antonio. “HELP” he said, “The Nordic Singers are on a tour in the United […]

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My friend Lilya

“… An’  I am in Texas until the 13th, call me…what’s up?” It was a message from Lilya Zilberstein, who is currently teaching and performing at Texas Christian University International Piano Academy and Festival in Fort Worth. In 1984, I became a student of piano performance and pedagogy at the prestigious Gnessin’s State Musical College in Moscow, It was an exciting time […]

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The Puerto Rican Story

Developing a relationship with Latin America was a wish and one of the goals of the Musical Bridges Strategic Plan.  For many years I have been a great admirer of Latin music with its sophisticated rhythms and irresistible melodies. This music makes you dance no matter what your state of mind at the moment. Coming from Russia with a […]

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